Posted by: janeberryblue | September 21, 2009

2PM – 10 out of 10 (SBS Inki Gayo) [09.21.08]

Korean Title: 10점 만점에 10점

taec’s butt fetish continues.

i think the reason why jay’s resignation upsets me so much is because it makes the whole DBSK debacle more ominous. i don’t think i could take another boyband break up T___T

 taec likes them butts



credit U.Bin/YooBin-HQ + me if taken. please comment!



  1. thanks for sharing the 2pm links….
    i hope jay comes back T.T

    • i really do hope he comes back. if not right at this moment… at least sometime in the future.

      the thought of only seeing 6 members makes my heart ache~

      btw, please check your e-mail as i left a surprise :D

      • yeah….i don’t know how much you’re into them, but i’ve been following up on news about them a lot since they were quickly becoming my all-time favorite group, surpassing all other korean artists i’ve liked over the past 6 years….but all the evidence that the fans are finding makes everything leading up to jaebum’s departure and following fishy, in terms of jype’s part in everything….

  2. ^ so you like them more than dbsk/tvxq??? ^^ (just judging from your screenname)

    but yes, i totally agree with you!!! i honestly think JYP gave him the boot. i’m sure jay was feeling very horrible as a leader, but i think he was definitely “encouraged” to leave. they could’ve totally just let me lay low… but to “let” him resign?? i don’t buy it!!

    come back jay~~~ PLEASE.

    btw, i’m working on your requests :D

  3. hahaha, yeah….i made that screenname a few years back and have never gotten around to changing it after using it for so long :P it actually has a complicated meaning to it…

    SE7EN got me into Korean music when I was in middle school, then dbsk came out and i was, i guess you could say obsessed with them but they did a lot more in foreign promotions, which left the door wide open for big bang…..but then 2pm debuted last year…and i just about died. :P those boys are crazy…<3

    • yea i got re-obsessed w/ dbsk last year, but now with all the turmoil, i just try not to think about it so that i won’t get too sad…
      and yes, 2pm is absolute LOVE.

      ok i sent you your vids! i didn’t know if you would check here first or your e-mail ^^

  4. Yeah, me too!…Mirotic was, in my opinion, their best album to date. I loved how they packaged it too XD. If they went their separate ways, I guess I’d understand since that’s pretty long for a group to still be together nowadays even though they were the first group I ever liked that much….I just feel like 2PM was deprived of that chance…

  5. thank you!!!!!!!!!!!
    please share more of their old perfS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


    • ahaha it’s funny how you say “old” because they’re such a new group– haven’t even released their first full length album!

      i’ll try to come back to 2pm once i’m done uploading some other vids.
      thanks for commenting!

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