Posted by: janeberryblue | September 21, 2009

8Eight (feat. SoHee) – Without A Heart

Korean Title: 심장이 없어

i must say, there was something about sohee that was amazing in this vid. and god, this song is SO GOOD. reminds me of “superstar k” where the group w/ the blind guy was singing. this song even made hyori cry so it’s gotta be good! XD

8Eight - No Heart

too cute to be a real vampire


for ipod nano/classic

for iphone/ipod touch

credit + me if taken. please comment!



  1. Thanks for the upload. Always wondered why she didn’t just go and try and find the boy herself. She a vampire so she can look at night.

    Don’t know if this is the place to make requests but could you also get 8Eight “Goodbye My Love” and “30 Minutes Ago”? I have no idea where to look for those though since only seen it on YouTube.

    • well technically she committed suicide– she knew the boy died in his search for a cure. saw no point in living so decided to let the sun burn her up.

      8eight is obsessed with death.

      enjoy it on your iphone!

  2. Thought the boy looked for a cure and died but Sohee would only have known that the boy didn’t come back. Didn’t know she knew he died.
    She could of found the boy and made him a vampire so they could be together. But maybe she loved him enough not to. Or the boy does not love her enough to be a vampire for her. Blah .. why am I thinking too much?
    Either way sad song and happy to be able to listen and watch it on the go.

    8Eight songs not all sad but their three most popular videos tend to revolve around death.
    WAH = 2 deaths
    GML = 1 death = happiest video?
    30 MA = 2 deaths

    Congrats on 7000+ hits .. only about a week ago it was 5000

    • well i deduced that she knew the boy died, because she wouldn’t have decided that “tonight would be the final night” <–(according to the storybook)
      vampires are supposed to be immortal…so i assumed it was purposeful, hence suicide ^^

      ahaha i love how you say that GML is the happiest of the bunch.

      let's see if this week makes it to 8,000!

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