Posted by: janeberryblue | September 21, 2009

After School – AH (SBS Inki Gayo) [01.18.09]

i LOVE the stage for this. where is after school? i hope they come back– we need some REAL WOMEN on stage ^^

let me see your hair swing

that leg split-- MY GOD


for ipod nano/classic

for iphone/ipod touch

credit U.Bin/YooBin-HQ + me if taken. please comment!



  1. Thanks for the nosebleed. :P
    There is a lot of Jooyeon (sp?) here and that girl can make any guy drool.

    • ahh requesting perfs now? enjoy!

  2. I’ll slow down on the requests. haha
    This was prob my fav one of them since lots of closeups of Jooyeon who is imo the best looking.

    • ahaha i didn’t mean to discourage your requests, just wanted to warn you that i might be slower at fulfilling them

      does gahee not stand out to you?? o_o

  3. Thanks as always for fulfilling the requests. I actually never expected you to fulfill them so fast but you do. Take your time, I am applying to med this year also so I know how busy life gets with school, work, and social life. :P
    My iPhone can only take so much also, should of paid the extra $100 and get 32 gb instead of 16 gb. Thought 16 gb was enough but forgot about videos. haha

    Golden rule: If there a vid of a girl’s group, I would love an iPhone version. Ofcourse I will always comment on each one that I download. :)

    Nah, Gahee never really stood out to me. She hot and all but I mostly only notice Soyoung (cute) and Jooyeon (hot). I seen pics of the two new members and looks like one of them will try and fulfill Soyoung cute niche.

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