Posted by: janeberryblue | September 24, 2009

BoA – Kimochi wa tsutawaru (Musix!) [12.09.01]

Japanese Title: 気持ちはつたわる

omg she was SO YOUNG. it’s crazy to think that at such a young age, she already had the makings of a super star. even though this perf is lipsynced, you can still feel her CHARISMA.

BoA - Kimochi wa Tsutawaru (Musix!) [12.09.01]

check it up-UH~!


MPEG4 encode

H264 encode [more HQ]

credit if taken. please comment! i love comments!



  1. thanks for the share..
    i like BoA’s live perf. so much.

    still downloading it.
    so can’t say much at the moment.

    • ahaha enjoy the performance.
      though i think this one is lipsynced??? oh well, she looks so cute ;D

  2. Thanks for the upload. I think BoA’s image is really versatile. She can be the cute princess, the sexy diva, tomboy image and the mysterious one….

    • totally right? that’s why i’ve been a fan of hers for the LONGEST. but she has been kinda boring me lately. i think sm/avex has gotten complacent with her. they KNOW she’s a success so they’re no longer letting her experiment

  3. I have been her fan like hardcore fan for about 4 years or so?? But I do agree that BoA has not been releasing anything ‘nice’ of my taste recently… However, her next single is making me hyped up again. White Wishes is so beautiful. To me, it’s the best song that she had released this year. Smooth, sweet and elegant….
    I hope that Avex and SM will give her better songs. Especailly SM, I seriously hope BoA will release an album in Korea. I miss the Korean Pop Queen.
    Oh my, I have written like a short essay. XP

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