Posted by: janeberryblue | September 24, 2009

BoA – Lose Your Mind

one of my FAVE BoA MVs. actually, this just might be my fave. it’s very simple w/o any special effects. but i thought she embodied sexiness and classiness so well ^^

BoA - Lose Your Mind

Ruze yo mind~!



credit if taken. I LOVE COMMENTS!



  1. haha its cute you’re almost begging for comments. but i know how u feel. i have one person who leaves comments on my blog frequently so i dont feel like a total loser talking to myself. i get a lot of hits but no one comments (most prob cuz they came to my site thinking there’s free stuff to d/l lol)

    btw, thanks for this. love boa! <3

  2. oh btw, drop by sometime

    you’re on my blogroll cuz i loooooove the HQ ipod vids~ ^_^

    thanks for all your effort!

    • i know… i’ve got a HANDFUL of loyal commentors (thanks for being one of them!) and i’m always wanting more XD
      i’m not greedy– i just like spazzing about kpop!

      i’m going to go check out your site now~~~

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