Posted by: janeberryblue | September 24, 2009

BoA – Over the Top + Girls On Top (MKMF) [11.27.05]

i believe this is my all-time FAVORITE perf of hers. seriously, she is a master of the stage. and omg, hyoyeon makes an AWESOME silhouette~!

btw, i’m so glad that little breakdancing chick wasn’t put in f(x)… but i heard she is going to be in some girl group in the future. she surely can’t be more than 12 right now ._.

that dance break-- KYYAAAA ♥

that dance break-- KYYAAAA ♥


MPEG4 encode

H264 encode [more HQ, but minor video glitch before ‘Girls On Top’]

credit if taken. please please comment!



  1. took this.. thanks!

  2. I’ve this but thanks for uploading. That little girl who danced with BoA looks familiar to me. Did she appear in SHINee’s Amigo MV or what? But she can dance!

    • she’s CRAZY good. i think she’s still just an SM trainee. i don’t recall seeing her in the amigo video… perhaps i’ll have another look~

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