Posted by: janeberryblue | September 24, 2009

BoA – Valenti + No.1 (KBS Music Bank) [09.24.04]

i LOVE when she wears white. and i love her oldies

NOTE: darn those laser! they’re really intense– sometimes it looks like the video has glitches because it’s just so darn pixelated x_X

oldies are goldies

oldies are goldies



credit if taken. COMMENT!



  1. i love her oldies too!
    thanks for uploading old pref which are really hard to find now!
    thanks again! :)

    • yes, her oldest perfs are the hardest to find. and also, not much from before 2004 is in HQ :P

      please check your e-mail as there’s a surprise waiting for you. thank you for commenting!

  2. great!! I don’t have this file ^_^
    thx alot

    • yea, her older files are a bit harder to come by. thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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