Posted by: janeberryblue | September 28, 2009

CSJH – One More Time OK (Japanese Ver.)

they were SO much hotter in this MV than in the korean version!

NOTE: the MTV logo’s on there permanently.

i like the cane dance!

i like the cane dance!



credit if taken. please comment!



  1. imma take this on your recommendation. i’ve never listened to their songs so im gonna go on a download spree for all their MVs/perf here~ ^^

    • YAY! they are truly the most underrated females in kpop. they got the looks, voices, MOVES– but for some reason, SM yanked them from korea RIGHT when they were making some waves.

      and now they’ve practically fallen off the face of the planet. i hope they make a comeback next year :P

      • finally got through their perf/mv and i gotta say they some some sizzling moves! i remember stephanie from X-Man. she’s really pretty~

        what are their best albums/songs in your opinion? i dont think i’ve ever seen their albums on the shelf over here T_T

        • that’s because they’ve released like… nothing.

          they’ve got ONE korean album under their name + 2 japanese albums.
          there’s a few singles mixed in as well, but 95% of those songs ended up in either of their 3 albums ;P

          it shouldn’t take you long to give those a listen XD

  2. whuttt only one? kk i’ll go dig for it

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