Posted by: janeberryblue | September 30, 2009

SNSD – Gee (Dance Ver. 2)

another one requested by Seng Aun Ng  (comment so i know you got this!) you can’t see their pretty faces but you sure can see their pretty long legs XD

NOTE: GomTV version.

beh beh beh behbehbeh~

beh beh beh behbehbeh~



credit if taken. please comment!



  1. Hah! I knew you wouldn’t disappoint. I guess my request of two HQ MVs were too much. But this is enough though. see you around snsdkorean!

    Oh, and thank you once again, Unnie! <3

  2. you’re very welcome :D

    yes, i had an HQ version of the regular MV… but the dance versions… NO ONE seems to have. i guess gomtv only uploaded them online??? is gomtv always online?? ^^

    and i knew your name was familiar!

  3. HQ or no HQ, either way, it works for me. btw, Tell Me Your Wish’s quality was top notch! For all I know, GOM TV only allows live streaming of starcraft and warcraft. LOL. didn’t know they had these as well. and yes, thank goodness I clicked your link from your name :D

    • well definitely keep checking back– i’ve got a whole slew of soshi ipod vids to come… but i gotta get through my DBSK spree first XD

      btw, nice name for your blog ^^

      • boozers. hahah thank you, noona! (i just realised i used the wrong term all these while. i’m not a girl, just got mistaken lol)

        oh please, go with your own flow. I’ll grab some DBSK vids too while you’re at it. Just don’t stop keeping ’em coming!

        • ahaha now i was totally thinking you were a girl! glad you got that cleared up ^^

          though for some reason, ‘noona’ makes me feel a lot older than ‘unni’ >_<

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