Posted by: janeberryblue | October 1, 2009

DBSK – HaHaHa Song CF {Acappella ver.} (Samsung HaHaHa Campaign)

omg this is why i love DBSK. they can SING. their harmonies are always so pleasant to the ears. and the boys themselves are so pleasant to the eyes ^^

DBSK - HaHaHa Song CF {Acappella ver.} (Samsung HaHaHa Campaign)

ha. haha. HAHA!



credit if taken. please comment!



  1. And I thought only SNSD were involved in this campaign. Lookin’ good! Thanks!

    • nope– dbsk started it first! and then soshi hopped on board. i prefer dbsk’s version because the song is just so good. though it’s a cover of jaurim’s song??? omg– i’ve completely forgotten >_<

  2. thank you very much
    can’t wait to watch

    • i’ve been trying to find good quality versions of the rest of their HAHAHA series, when i do– i’ll be sure to post!

      thanks for commenting!

  3. When they started off, I was already laughing, and then they switched to their acapella. gah love. thanks for uploading

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