Posted by: janeberryblue | October 8, 2009

f(x) – LA chA TA

omg i am SERIOUSLY excited to share this because i am OBSESSED with this group right now XD

f(x) - LA chA TA



for ipod nano/classic

for iphone/ipod touch

credit U.Bin/Yoobin-HQ + me if taken. please comment (so i can spazz about these rookies!)



  1. thanks, jane noona!

    and omg, what’s with everybody and KryBer?! I want to see some Luna in the OTPs T_T

    • luna is my fave member. but kryber is my OBSESSION at the moment. you should youtube them– then maybe you’ll be converted XD

  2. this isn’t good. you’ve gone over to the dark side :O

    i’m more for AmToria. nah i’m fine with KryBer as well, just that i prefer to see more variety OTPs soon. Luna and Sulli ain’t getting any love O_O

    • kryber >>>> amtoria. amber confirmed the existence of kryber herself!! ahaha

      i think there are quite a few kryli shippers out there. krysul?? i have no idea what they call themselves XD

  3. you’ve been stalking aff(x)tion too haven’t you? lol. when Amber first came on the forum. i’m beginning to think that Amber resembles Tiffany, not appearance-wise. Just that MOST pairings in SNSD has Tiffany in it, and same goes to Amber. That, and the fact that they’re both Cali girls. LOL

    • i’m totally a stalker @ aff(x)tion– though unfortunately, i was not on when amber was T___T

      but OMG you’ve totally read my mind. i have been DREAMING of amfany. don’t ask me why because i’m definitely loyal to JeTi… but something about AmFany makes me giddy. perhaps that’s why i want f(9) to exist so badly!!!

  4. LOL never did i ever thought of AmFany, nor intended to, but now that you mention it, it looks soooo promising. Hahah.

    thanks noona!

  5. thanks! when i first saw the member pics, i instantly fell for sulli … until chris hansen told me her age.

  6. Merci beaucoup for uploading this. KryLi all the way.

    • parlez-vous le francais? ^^

      kryber pwns all.

  7. Je parle un peu le français. Comprenez-vous?

    French is an official language here so we have to learn it till our junior year of high school. I just brought out some elementary French since you can only say “thanks” in English in so many ways. :P

    Victoria in that pink dress looks a lot like a better looking Jolin Tsai (before she decided to reconstruct her face and body with surgery). Victoria .. even though she older than the rest she fit in real well. I guess she there to balance it out so guys don’t feel as bad looking at so many jailbaits. haha

    • i remember you saying you were from canada… so are you from quebec? i remember from french class that that was the only province where french was still considered an official language.

      victoria alone raises the average age to 18. actually, don’t quote me on that because math and i are sworn enemies

  8. Nope, I live in Ontario but I do go to Quebec often. Quebec is only province that is mostly French but it still considered an official language in Canada.

    15 + 15 + 16 + 17 + 22 = 17 average age here but if you take their Korean age then 16 + 16 + 17 + 18 + 23 = 18 so you right.

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