Posted by: janeberryblue | October 22, 2009

f(x) – Chocolate Love (Ver. 1)

*fulfilling request by Abby

krystal is TOO sexy for a 14/15-year-old. and i think this MV might snap me out of my temporary lesbianism because SM actually succeeded in making Amber look female. sorta.

NOTE: If you don’t want SNSD’s intro, set ‘start time’ as 0:12.4, under ‘options’ on your ipod. You still have to see YoonA’s face at the end XD

f(x) - Chocolate Love (Ver. 1)

victoria's hips are hypnotizing me @_@


for ipod nano/classic

for iphone/ipod touch

credit mLm4ever @ BoAjjang + me if taken. please comment!



  1. lol i love the sultoria moments <3 or shall i put it as VictoLi moments? :P

    again, i wonder why you cut off the beginning part D: nooooooo

    p.s. victoria's hips are asking you to buy the new phone, noona :D

    • if you wanna see soshi, go watch their version :P

      this phone is too high-tech for me. i like really simple stuff. like seriously, SIMPLE ^^

  2. Merci for putting vid. The girls were jawdropping in this and Krystal and Sulli make me feel like an old pedo even though I barely in my twenties.
    Victoria + Sulli = Victolli?

    • ahaha nice try, but don’t you think SulToria has a nicer ring to it??

      oh yea, de rien.

      • Glad you incorporating more French. haha

  3. Sultoria does have a nice ring to it. The girls almost look really intimate with one another here.

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