Posted by: janeberryblue | October 22, 2009

SNSD – Chocolate Love (Ver. 1)

*fulfilling request by Abby

yul TOTALLY steals the show. and i’d like to make an announcement: i think they should make it OFFICIAL that SNSD is only to wear hotpants here on out! anyone else agree with me?? ^^

NOTE: if you don’t want f(x)’s intro, set ‘start time’ as 0:14.9, under ‘options’ on your ipod. you still get krystoria at the end.

SNSD - Chocolate Love (Ver. 1)

i want one of those feather fans!



credit if taken. please comment!



  1. lol am i always the only one stalking this blog? so much HQ goodies D:

    aww, i wonder why the opening part was cut off.. anyway, i’ll be the judge of this MV. Everytime I watch this MV, there’s always something new!! <3

    • the opening is cut because i did it :P
      i didn’t see the need to see f(x) in the beginning… if they already have their OWN version ^^

      and yes… you and one other dude are like my only faithful followers T___T
      (BUT I GET A LOT OF HITS!!!)

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