Posted by: janeberryblue | October 25, 2009

S.E.S. – I’m Your Girl

THE female kpop group. without these girls, there would be no finkl, baby vox… and the onslaught of girl groups we had in the past 2 years would be NADA :P

NOTE: Channel V version. (is this channel even around now??)

this video is SO 90s...

this video is SO 90s...


for ipod nano/classic

for iphone/ipod touch

credit if taken. please comment!



  1. You know you are old when you can remember SES, FinKl, and Baby Vox.

    SES – use to love Shoo and Eugene .. mainly Shoo
    FinKL – use to love Hyori and Yuri .. mainly Yuri
    Baby Vox – use to love them all .. mainly Kan Miyoun

    Man, I feel old.

    • i feel like a grandma when it comes to kpop ._.

      ok, please explain to me what was SO GREAT about yuri from finkl. yes she’s a cutie pie, but when you’ve got HYORI…how can anyone else even register??
      my fave from baby vox was yoon eun hye. i always thought kan mi youn looked like she was going to faint from anorexia o_o

      enjoy it on your iphone!

      • Yeah Hyori is the best looking but there is more to a girl than her looks. :P
        I like Yuri since she seemed sweet and a natural, down to earth, girl next door type of beauty.
        Kan Miyoun was the same for me. She so adorable even though yeah, she was really thin. I like thin girls as much as the next person but she was pushing it.

        Thanks for all the new SES iphone versions. You could rename it as “iPhone and iPod Touch” version and your smaller ones as “iPod Classic and iPod Nano” versions since that would be more specific but most prob get what you mean. You almost hitting 7000 hits. haha

        • ahah i guess yuri was a bit TOO sweet for my tastes. i love hyori’s personality– i watch ‘family outing’ religiously XD

  2. Still haven’t seen Family Outing. Some of my friends love it and keep telling me to watch it but hard enough to keep up with all the SNSD shows of late.

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