Posted by: janeberryblue | October 31, 2009

4Minute – What A Girl Wants


*fulfilling request by Michael

why oh WHY?!??! who is their stylist?? why did they give jiyoon a bowl cut?!?! >_<

NOTE: GomTV version.

such a cute song :P


for ipod nano/classic

for iphone/ipod touch

credit R3z4prof’s Blog + me if taken. please comment!



  1. thanks ! i thought jiyoon looked adorable! oversized glasses <3.

    hyuna on the other hand..

    • the oversized glasses were very cute. but that hair…

      and yes, hyuna’s not looking so hot either ;P

  2. Merci beaucoup for the upload. Not digging the look so much but song is nice after a few listen.

    • they look cuter in their perfs ^^

      here’s another one where i converted to 640×480, so sorry it’s such a big file :P

      • No problem about how large it is. Some of the performances I downloaded have been 500 mb in size for just about 4 minutes. haha
        1080p videos are massive but so worth it to see everyone in HD goodness. Ofcourse I can only view those on my laptop.

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