Posted by: janeberryblue | November 2, 2009

BoA – Energetic

OH EM GEE. this is why BoA is who she is. her moves are just so precise~

BoA - Energetic

like she said: this beat is FI-YAH!



credit if taken. please comment!



  1. wow i didn’t know she released a 3rd single/MV!

    i kept expecting an epic dance battle between boa and the checkered shirt guy though… but he just got relegated to the back… HAHA SUCKER

    • yea i’m kinda confused as to when this was released… as i came across it @ boajjang just recently XD

      boa would’ve totally pwned him if they did break out into a battle– so he got scared

      btw, since you have a wordpress account, i think you should sign in before leaving comments here. for some reason, they keep showing up as spam…and i’m lazy.

      • i’m always signed in when i leave comments and i’ve tried signing out and logging in again o_o oh well.. probs a WP bug .

  2. yup i agree, her dance moves are just amazing, her body is just wow <3
    anyways i came here thru ur comments on kpopweb ^^ thanks for visiting the site! n i really love urs, cos its so convenient for me so i dont have to convert the videos myself instead =p

    • oh i love kpopweb so much! i’ve converted a few vids from there ^^

      thanks for visiting and commenting! there’s more to come~

  3. Thanks. I wanted to finally download it in itunes but it was suddenly taken off when I finally purchase an itunes card.

    • i HATE it when itunes does that. it randomly takes off songs too :P

      thanks for commenting!

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