Posted by: janeberryblue | November 6, 2009

f(x) – Chu∼♡

OMG IT’S FINALLY OUT!!! XDDDD I LOVE IT. this song is like crack–you just can’t stop.

f(x) - Chu~

oh amber, why can't you truly be a boy?? T__T


for ipod nano/classic

for iphone/ipod touch

credit razbin @ BoAjjang + me if taken. please comment!



  1. Thanks for the upload. I used this as a test file on my iPhone but the resolution is too small for it so lots of black. What program you use to modify the videos anyways? I know it would be a pain to modify all the videos but if can modify the upcoming videos in 480 x 320 as well .. that would be great. If it doesn’t require extra work ofcourse.

    Regarding the video, the girls are stunning but not digging the cloths or hairstyles as much as the other one .. La cha ta. Song is catchy though.

    • hey bushi! nice seeing you here~
      btw, you upload a lot on BJJ right?? i think i have many boa files thanks to you ^^

      but yea, like i mentioned before, i’m encoding all my vids on here as 320×240, to fit ipod classics and ipod nanos.
      it gives me nightmares thinking of going back and re-encoding ALL my vids so far to 480×320… so here’s what i can offer:

      please comment to EACH video you would like to have in the proper iphone format, past or future ones. and then i’ll try to get it up in 1-2 days afterwards (not too much work for you i hope? besides, it’ll make it look like i have more commenters~)

      i’m pretty sure you aren’t the only one who would like that, so i wouldn’t mind the extra work ^^
      btw, i would have NO idea how it actually looks on an iphone, because i don’t have one myself…

      in the meantime, i’ll get this one up for you!

  2. diz ma daily dose of crack :D
    i didn’t like the fact that luna’s voice got autotuned though. and not enough luna time on screen. sulli and krystal biased MV :(

    • yayaya they needed to show more luna!

      but the amount of amber kept me happy ^^

    • There is a lot of Krystal and Sulli because they are are so cute/hot. Wanted more Victoria though so guess they could of improve it.

  3. Thanks for the conversion. :)
    I don’t know how you able to convert to a larger resolution and keep the file about same size. Look pretty good.

    Yeah, I will comment for each video. Prob just a bit at a time though since we potential med students do have to study and don’t want to take too much of your time. :P

    I usually get my SNSD iphone stuff from Soshified but the others are much harder to find in the right resolution.

    • oh yea… med school.

      kpop has impeded my academic achievement too many times. yet i still am obsessed >_<

      • Totally understand. I spend about 30 minutes a day on kpop which doesn’t sound much but it is A LOT over years. Some days even more.

  4. can u do nu abo? i really love that mv.. thnx!!!

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