Posted by: janeberryblue | November 7, 2009

Big Bang – Let Me Hear Your Voice

*fulfilling request by Michael (sorry it took so long!)

Japanese Title: 声をきかせて

i like when big bang slows things down. i still DO NOT like GD’s hair..

NOTE: GomTV version.

Big Bang - Let Me Hear Your Voice

this is the FIRST time i LIKE TOP's long hair!



credit Kwon Orin @ BoAjjang + me if taken. please comment!



  1. thanks! LOVE this song, especially the ‘acoustic’ version.

    that screen cap of TY running at 3:57 is so random and hilarious haha. i had to watch the mv twice before i noticed it!

    • oo there’s an acoustic version??? *off to search*

      screencaps always make me laugh. i have no way of controlling what gets capped so they’re always a nice surprise XD

      btw, i think my blog officially hates your account–i discovered this comment as spam yet again!! >_<

  2. yay! TAKING :D
    thank youu for uploadingggg ♥

  3. thanks for sharing. i love this song

  4. Thank you for sharing ^^

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