Posted by: janeberryblue | November 13, 2009

8Eight – Goodbye My Love

*fulfilling request by Bushido

Korean title: 잘가요 내 사랑

why oh WHY are 8eight’s videos SO SAD?!?! btw, i have yet to watch the korean ‘boys over flowers’… still too loyal to hana yori dango ^^

8Eight - Goodbye My Love

poor jin woon.


for ipod nano/classic

for iphone/ipod touch

credit + me if taken. please comment!



  1. Thanks a lot. Kim So Eun is so breath taking in this piece.
    Boys Over Flowers .. watched some of it but after a while seem to drag on too long so never finished the middle.

  2. i’m taking this video because there’s maknae jinwoon and kim so eun in the mv!! thanks a bunch

    • you’re very welcome– thanks for commenting!

      i hope kim so eun comes out with some more stuff

  3. Taking this one!
    My friend narrated the story of the MV to me.
    I just missed that she told me it was 8Eight’s MV…XD

    • hahaha glad you were able to find out anyway. it is such a nice video~

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