Posted by: janeberryblue | November 18, 2009

SNSD – Honey + Ooh La La + So Nyuh Shi Dae (Mnet Golden Disk Awards) [12.14.07]

taefany’s antlers are ADORABLE.

oh heechul.


for ipod nano/classic       MPEG4 encode || H264 encode [more HQ]

for iphone/ipod touch     HERE

credit if taken. please comment!



  1. Blah, keep making requests but take your time. I don’t know about you but exams is starting tomorrow so if it is for you also, good luck.

    It’s snowing in Canada so would love an iPhone version of this to warm things up and get into the Christmas spirit. :)

    • i hope i get to see lots of snow this year!

      this vid is just full of awesome. enjoy!

      • Don’t know why you Americans love to see snow so much. Over here I already shoveled one metre in height of snow.

        Thanks as always for all your hard work. It feels a lot more like Christmas now .. well, once exams are finally all done.

        • you canadians are just ungrateful.

          i even have it snowing on my blog!

  2. Haha .. I noticed.

    Once you get mountains of snow you will understand why we Canadians don’t appreciate it that much anymore. :P

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