Posted by: janeberryblue | December 3, 2009

SNSD + Super Junior – SPAO Photoshoot [2009]

ahhh this is the PERFECT brand for soshi. the boys don’t look so bad either! btw, Super Junior’s “It’s You [너라고]” is playing as the background.

isn't this supposed to be a "young" brand? what's up w/ the ahjusshis then...



credit if taken. please comment!



  1. just downloaded the HQ pics of snsd in this shoot. i agree it’s perfect for them. the girls look hot! the shoot is missing kibum though… again.

    • i don’t even consider kibum a suju member anymore :P

  2. Why? What’s with Kibum? I’m a new fan.. Haha! I just payed attention to SuJu this year and also this month. :/
    Care to share?

  3. iiiiiiiihhhhhhhhhh,,, menjijikan banget kaluu snsd sama super junior, kayanya ada sesuatu yang mengganggu gitu,,,
    sampah plastik, yang mengganggu tuh sampah plastik..

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