Posted by: janeberryblue | December 4, 2009

After School – Because of You

*fulfilling request by Bushido

Korean Title: 너 때문에

i am so digging this song right now and this MV was pretty nice. though i don’t understand what’s so great about UEE to have the 2 hottest chicks in after school fighting over her (though i admit that jooEE is awfully cute together~)

omg they found jooyeon's blonde twin!


for ipod nano/classic

for iphone/ipod touch

credit Cashewmania Kpop + me if taken. please comment!



  1. Thanks Jane. The love triangle made the mv very entertaining. Would of loved Jooyeon + Uee + Nana. That would’ve been hot. Miss Soyoung still but Raina is nice as well .. even though my roommates think she fat. She is cute and definitely adorable imo though.

    • raina is considered fat??? o_O

      nana’s the blonde jooyeon look-alike right?? maybe that love triangle would’ve been too confusing for people like me XD

      but i’m still lost on what the guy had to do with anything…

      • Roommates just have impossible standards when it comes to girls.
        Yeah Nana is the blond Jooyeon look a like.
        Guy there to watch? Kinda like voyeurism.

  2. i LOVE raina. ultra adorable! who wanna pinch those cheeks? who wanna??

    • hey michael– haven’t seen you here for a while!

      omg raina’s chipmunk cheeks remind me of bom’s (so cute~)

      • yah ~ i’ve been swamped the last couple of weeks!

        but im BACK! spamming time! muhahaha

  3. Thank you for sharing ^^

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