Posted by: janeberryblue | December 7, 2009

Boys’ Generation + SNSD – Gee (KBS Music Bank) [06.26.09]

this one’s just full of LOLs.

i heart jo kwon


MPEG4 encode

H264 encode [more HQ]

credit Yoobin-HQ + me if taken. please comment!



  1. <3 loved this performance…..
    jay and his pink pants
    taec and his carrot pants
    khun and his purple pants
    thanks for sharing

    • for some reason, “carrot” pants sound really cute XD

      thanks for commenting! haven’t seen you on here in a while~

      • i check this blog just about everyday but to be honest, i’m not a huge girl group fan….:P so i don’t usually download the girl updates :P
        but thanks again for the file! XD

        • ahaha this blog has been full of SNSD for the past month…

          i’ll keep my fellow females in mind for future updates and try to make it a bit more balanced XD

          as always, thanks for commenting!

  2. i heart your captions. lol. i mean, the other 8 boys are great *coughtaeccough* but The Diva reigns supreme :P

  3. thanks a lot :-*

  4. The girls are actually pretry. Each member has different charm so I love them all ^_^

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