Posted by: janeberryblue | January 2, 2010

SNSD – Santa Baby + Tell Me Your Wish {Remix} + Gee (MBC Gayo Daejun) [12.31.09]

Tiffany and I would like to wish you…


thank you to EVERYONE who’s visited this little blog and i especially heart all of you who left me comments! i can’t believe i got over 15,000 hits in less than 4 months!! CRAZINESS!

so this perf was pretty epic because as a diehard soshi fan who couldn’t get to see them in concert, it was like an awesome belated christmas gift from the girls because they wore their concert outfits !! and i believe they performed these versions at their concert as well.

it’s already 2010~~ o_o!!

yoong takes her top off!!


for ipod nano/classic       MPEG4 encode

for ipod nano/classc____H264 encode 1 || H264 encode 2 [more HQ]

for iphone/ipod touch     MF1 || MF2

credit tantungnam (Soshified) + me if taken. please comment!!



  1. “yoong takes her top off!!” What a great way to get people to check out the video if not already. :P

    This was prob the best performance EVER. Not exaggerating. From Santa Baby, then angels scene, then Genie, then Gee. What a way to end of 2009 and welcome in 2010. Tiffany does both. :)

    iPhone version please.

    • well she DOES doesn’t she??? ^___^

      i agree with you. best soshi perf ever. enjoy enjoy!!

      • Thank so much.

        Don’t know how they will top that but knowing them, they will find a way.

        Excited for new album near end of February? I know I am. :P

        • YAAAHH i JUST now found out about their next album. i’m really really REALLY hoping it’s a full album (i need more than 4-5 songs to spazz over!)

          but on the other hand, this means that once AGAIN the girls didn’t get a real break T__T

          • No break for them it seem. Especially some of them who have variety shows and dj. Speaking of dj, I been listening to Taeyeon radio show on MBC radio on my iPhone. Doesn’t sound like much but since it’s 8:00 pm Korean time, that is 6:00 am here. I wake up in the morning to exercise and listen to her. My fanboyism is getting a bit extreme. haha

          • ^ didn’t you say at one point that you weren’t ‘obsessed’ with SNSD???

            hehehehe i’m sure taengoo appreciates your love ^^

    • Okay I am reaching the “obsessed” designation soon but atleast they make me do something productive. If only they can also help me study better, that would be great.

  2. hello when i was downloading i noticed this is a .001 file due to the video being named as .mp4.001/002, hence i couldn’t watch using media player classic nor any other players, how can i change this to be only .mp4?


    • ooo sorry for not making this clear. but you need to download BOTH parts and join them using the program “HJsplit” found HERE

      hope that helps ^^

  3. yes thank you! ;D

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