Posted by: janeberryblue | January 8, 2010

After School – Because of You (SBS Inki Gayo) [01.03.10]

*fulfilling request for Bushido

Korean Title: 너 때문에

they look stunning in white!

i feel bad for nana--girl only gets one line! >_<


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credit jerrynai6 ( me if taken. please comment!



  1. You might be a bigger fan than me. I didn’t even see this performance till I downloaded it from here.
    You and I prob have same tastes in girl bands except for Tiara. Don’t know if you into them. This song and Bo Peep have been the most played songs for me for 2010.
    Thanks again .. this performance was prob their best one.

    • i’ve actually been ignoring their perfs until the awesome perf they did @ sbs gayo daejun. so now i’m keeping an eye out for them ^^

      i tend to share the same tastes with most fanboys… but i don’t know what that says about me -_-;;

      ok, so i’ve tried really hard to give t-ara a chance but they just don’t interest me like the other girl groups have. i adore hyomin due to IY– but their songs do nothing for me. ‘bo peep’ is definitely their best effort so far, but whenever i watch a perf, i can’t help but think that there’s a reason why halloween’s only one day a year :P
      we’ll see if hyomin can rope me in~~

  2. This one is prob my fav performance of theirs:

    Hyomin is hot but I am actually a much bigger fan of Qri. She the first one to sing. In my eyes she is the most attractive girl ever .. well, until Krystal grows up. :P Can’t believe she 24.
    She just started to sing since like Nana, she was a model before a singer so took her a bit of time before she could sing well enough.

    I will admit though, some of their performances are kinda hilarious. Like when they did the new years performance in traditional outfits and there are animals dancing around. I just kept laughing.
    They will be promoting their new song “Like the First Time” soon.

    Your taste in girl groups makes you awesome (or a bit les), either way it’s a good thing. Too bad you not here in Canada, we could try and stalk Yuna Kim together. haha
    She currently in Toronto but will be going to Vancouver soon.

    • so great minds DO think alike! that is like the ONLY perf of t-ara i have. so i made a vid :P

      i think qri looks SOOO gorgeous without bangs. they should’ve shown off her forehead from the get-go. i mean, can you imagine krystal with bangs?? they would only make things worse by covering parts of her pretty face…

      dude, if i were in canada, i’d be waking you up at the crack of dawn ready to lead the way!!!! gosh you are SO lucky. you better get to see her–whatever you do, make sure you have a camera on hand! or else.

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