Posted by: janeberryblue | January 27, 2010

SNSD – Oh!

OH! THE DAY IS GLORIOUS! thank god for gomtv!!!!

what the about the unnis HUH?!!?!?! but it's ok, i still love ♥


for ipod nano/classic       MPEG4 encode || H264 encode [more HQ]

for iphone/ipod touch     HERE

credit jerrynai6 ( + me if taken. please comment!



  1. thanks so much for this :D


    • thanks for always taking the time to comment twice!

  2. OMG .. this is prob my second fav vid of all time. After Gee though but Gee is one song that just stay with you no matter what.

    • sorry i took so long! it’s not fair for me to do that to a fellow soshi fan


      • You too hard on yourself. That was rather quick. Thanks again, your vids work the best. For some reason most of the mp4 from Soshified gives me a green screen when trying to play it on my phone but yours always work and crystal clear.

        • it’s because i’m just amazing like that :D

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