Posted by: janeberryblue | February 7, 2010

Kim Yuna – Can You Hear Me (SBS Angels on Ice) [12.25.08]

Korean Title: 김연아 – 들리나요

OMG the 2010 Winter Olympics are in LESS THAN A WEEK!!! ahhhh this is in pre-emptive celebration for Kim Yuna getting GOLD GOLD GOLD :DDDD

please, tell me what this girl CAN’T do!

i just dare you to find someone in a santa cape that's cuter.



FULL SHOW (join w/ HJSplit) <– present for Bushido

MF1 || MF2 || MF3 || MF4

credit if taken. please comment!



  1. Have I told you lately how much I <3 you. :P

    Thanks for the show. Yuna Kim hwaiting.


      btw, did you want this perf for your iphone as well?? ^^

  2. No thanks. The avi was more than enough. :)

    I suck at stalking. Trying to find her when she was training is hard. I know she trains at the Toronto Cricket, Skating and Curling Club but that place is hard to get in if not a member and even when you can get in we don’t know when she trains. A friend of a friend said she saw her one time getting food at a Korean restaurant and when she said hi to her, Yuna wasn’t really nice but wasn’t mean either. Still would love to meet her though. She prob in Vancouver right now. Hopefully will be able to see her by chance. This is why I need you to help me stalk. :P


      i should’ve just emptied out my bank account and gone up to vancouver.

      but dude, didn’t i tell you korean restaurants were the way to go! YOUR FRIEND OF A FRIEND IS SO LUCKY. but gosh, i can’t imagine yuna being anything LESS than a sweetheart. i’m going to believe she was just in competition mode

  3. YUNA KIM WINS GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trying to find/make a iPhone wallpaper for it now. haha


      she is indeed perfection.

      i’m currently making ipod vids of her performances so i can watch them forever and ever and ever.

      • I almost cried also but was watching with a bunch of friends so didn’t want to let it out. The guys were just like, “wow James, she is really pretty” while the girls are like “you only like her because she pretty right.”
        Blah, I like her since she is one dedicated girl and is an amazing figure skater. I never seen a girl go into her jumps with so much speed and how she just lifts off doing her jumps. Stories of how she came from a poor to middle class family so she had to keep skates too small for her, keep costumes to save money, use same choreograph to reduce costs, her traveling alone, her skating early in the morning and late at night in open rinks, and so on. She didn’t get sponsorship for the longest time since Korea don’t really support figure skating anywhere close to say Japan. How her first sponsor was a small chiropractic clinic who could only offer her free chiropractic for her injuries. How she traveled across the globe in order to pursue her career. How she donates six figure checks to charities and how she give money to Korean skaters, many who are her competitors, and she does this since she knows what they have to go through. She is truly an inspiration.
        I would be lying to say her being beautiful didn’t have anything to do with why I like her but her doll like exterior is just one of many reasons.
        Queen Yuna forever.

        • i think that was one of the most beautiful comments i have ever read. you do us yuna fans proud.

          her looks are just the icing on top of the cake– but i admire her for her strength and passion. Behind her grace lies this explosive amount of power. that’s why everything she does look so effortless and natural.

          long live the queen!

          (and wtf, your name is james??? no wonder we’re always thinking like twins– even our names are alike!)

          • Haha yeah. James and Jane don’t sound THAT alike though. :P

            She wrote a book in Korean.

            [Yuna Kim’s Autobiography ‘7 Minute Drama’]

            If only I was fluent in Korean and not so illiterate. haha

          • ^yea, tell that to my childhood self who was ALWAYS getting confused for ‘james’ during roll call

            omg i’ve totally been saving up for her book! but i’ve never paid more than $25 for a book before…. unless it was textbook ._.

          • Some of it been translated and it is sad how many injuries she goes through. Found it funny when she talked a bit about new toenails growing inside old ones and if she should pull it out or not.

            Three more weeks till the World Championship. She will make her decision then if she will retire or not but most gold medalist retire after winning Olympics so would not be that surprised if she does after winning Olympics and winning back to back World Championships. Will cry if she does though. T_T

  4. can you post the hd version of her performance?

    • if you want the HD version, you’re going to have to download the full show (links provided)

      all my cuts on this blog are for the ipod :D

  5. i’d been looking everywhere for this cut!! thank you so much for providing the download!

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