Posted by: janeberryblue | February 19, 2010

CN Blue – I’m a Loner

*fulfilling request by ina mateo

Korean Title: 외톨이야

omg i cannot believe jung yonghwa is married to seobaby >_<



credit + me if taken. please comment



  1. Yay!~ Thank you very much for fulfilling this request! ^_^

    • aww i didn’t know you were ina mateo XDDD

      enjoy the vid~

      • Hehe…I just use Comet online…^_^

  2. I love this video ><
    thx for link

  3. Err…who’s seobaby??? or am I missing something??? XD

    • LOL seobaby is what i call seohyun from SNSD. didn’t you hear, she’s on “we got married” with the CNblue leader

      • So my guess was right…XD
        I was thinking that Seobaby would be SeoHyun…XD since baby may stand for maknae…XD
        Err…I don’t watch WGM actually…XD

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