Posted by: janeberryblue | February 22, 2010

KARA – Lupin

so this indeed has nothing to do with professors that are werewolves :P

NOTE: GomTV version

now nicole has the same haircut as amber! oh my!


for ipod nano/classic: HERE

for iphone/ipod touch: HERE

credit MonkeyJunior ( + me if taken. please comment!



  1. thnx 4 this^^

  2. Been playing this nonstop since it came out. Looks like the sexy dark concept is catching on since Kara and Tiara just released something along those lines. Let’s hope SNSD does the same soon.

    • this MV is AMAJING but unfortunately… i haven’t really been digging the perfs

      t-ara on the other hand……… I HAVE BECOME OBSESSED. i’m currently trying to make an ipod vid this instant, now that the gomtv was released

      enjoy the vid. btw, you did see that i made the t-ara ‘i’m your girl’ one??

      • Thanks for the upload. I will download it in a couple days when I get my bandwidth back. Spent so much bandwidth streaming many Olympic events but ofcourse I watch female free skate and men hockey on big screen over at friends’ places. So much drinking and partying these past couple weeks so sad it is all over. Best Olympics ever with Canada winning gold in men hockey and Yuna winning gold in female figure skating.

        Glad you starting to like Tiara but you cut of Soyeon’s head. :P

        Yeah, I saw that but prefer SES version better. Tiara did do a nice cover of it.

        • oof, silly me for misreading your comment.

          I KNOW I CUT OFF HER HEAD. i was trying so hard not to but there was no other way about it. hopefully they’ll release some more HQ pics and i can change it :/

          • Haha, sometimes I just like to comment for the fun of it but I usually say “just to comment” when I do. Thank you so much anyways, you are jjang. :)

  3. Thanks for sharing this one! ^_^

  4. Finally downloaded it. Quality is awesome even for a file that is only about 60 mb. Thanks again.

  5. Love KARA

  6. thanks for sharing! great job!!!

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