Posted by: janeberryblue | March 11, 2010

JeTi (SNSD) – Heaven [Fanvid by JeTified]

i swear, this is the BEST JeTi video EVER. i heart this couple so much. and now i shall watch them on my ipod every night before i go to bed~~

btw, check out JeTified‘s awesome youtube channel!



Credit Deo/JeTified + me if taken. please comment!



  1. argh finally had chance to watch this… loved it! i love jessica <3 i'm not sure why she's known as the ice princess since she's so adorable XD

    btw… not sure if you're a fan of jpop (apart from csjh), but i'm doing a jpop cd giveaway over @

    stop by if you want, very high chance of winning as only a couple of comments lol. invite your friends! ^^

    oh, you're the first to comment on asiawhat.. thanks!

  2. this is really great! tanks~ snsd hwaiting! ^0^

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