Posted by: janeberryblue | March 11, 2010

Wonder Girls – Irony (MBC Music Core) [03.31.07]

sunmi… i still miss you T__T

i like when hyuna raps with this voice


MPEG4 encode

H264 encode [more HQ]

credit if taken. please comment!



  1. Just commenting: I miss the old Wonder Girls. Hyunah and Sunmi were my fav and now both of them are gone.

    Can I request “Tell Me” ? That was the video that got me into them and especially Sunmi. Not until later did I find out she was only 15. O_O

    Hopefully Sunmi comes back later like Hyunah. Hyunah has been doing real well of late especially with “Change” which is funny that her video is rated 19+ so she can’t even watch her own video.

  2. I am really not used to seeing Hyuna like this with the short hair and the school girl uniform, now I cannot even imagine her with short because long hair suits her best and she looks more beautiful and sexy with it and the uniform costume is wierd to me I prefer the strong sexy image in 4minute and Change for Hyuna.
    And looking back at this perf is how she really improved from back then from now with her hit single CHANGE.
    she totally Ch-ch-change for Good.

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