Posted by: janeberryblue | April 14, 2010

Kim Yuna – Figure Skating Gala (Vancouver Winter Olympics) [02.27.10]

*fulfilling request by Rachel

How do you make a Kim Yuna? You can't.


for ipod nano/classic       MPEG4 encode || H264 encode [more HQ]

for iphone/ipod touch     HERE

credit if taken.



  1. Thanks for this one! ^^
    Finally, now I can watch it! ^^

    I still really wonder why her score in the World Championships is very low. It’s alright for her to struggle since the amount of pressure she received during the Olympics was enormous, but why did she end up with the score of around 190?

    • She fell and made a few mistakes. Was 7th in the SP and made some mistakes in the FS as well but was still 1st in that so silver altogether. Even at her worst, she still got a silver. Funny thing is she was only 7 points from gold and if she didn’t make one of her mistakes, she would of won. That’s how dominant she is right now. She now has one of each medal in the Worlds. She kinda didn’t want to go to Worlds since she was flying to Canada, Korea, and so on and didn’t get much time to practice. The Worlds is a letdown after Olympics. Either way, she did well under those circumstances and gave Korea two spots for Worlds next year (reason she competed since she thought of not even going).

      Thanks Jane, the Gala was a nice performance.

      • I see. I wasn’t able to watch her performance in the World Championships. I was only able to read the news about it since the title was catching. (Flawless Olympic Skater finally beaten) And from that article, it says that it’s very rare for Olympic medalists to go to the world championships afterwards. And it’s also very rare for those Olympic who still compete to win. I think one case is either Kristi Yamaguchi or Shizuka Arakawa. Not pretty sure though. Perhaps I’ll just look forward to her next performances. I just wish she would not retire soon. ‘Cause I think she’s still capable of going to the 2014 Winter Olympics. XD She’ll be 23-24 by that time I think. XD

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