About Me

nothing much other than perhaps you might recognize my username (janeberryblue) from various kpop sites and forums…

no? ok no big deal. will be updating this site very slowly as I get bored with things really quickly

i love SNSD, if you couldn’t tell– so that’s whose vids you’ll see the most



  1. hi.. i really love your hq vids. though i don’t have ipod. your vids are compatible on my phone. i also love snsd,fx and wonder girls. btw,do you have cn blue vids there. espscially the duet of seohyun and yonghwa. if you have i”ll be happy if you post it. and also jap version of gee and genie of snsd thx..

  2. Hi dear ^^~
    It’s nice seeing you after quite a while. Hope you got what you need. I dont really update often like before so maybe something’s missing here and there.

  3. Hi! :P
    Yeah it’s an honor for me to know there are still people visiting my blog even though I clearly stated that I quit. Once in a while I check and feel really touching reading comments from old visitors or completely strangers, expressing their care and support to me.
    Isnt it wonderful to have someone visiting your little blog after a whole year of no update, especially in this hectic and cruel internet life?
    When she is making her comeback again, I may not be able to be a reliable source for you but please do drop in to say Hi~, I will definitely be around to at least watch and support her :)
    Btw, Jessica looks gorgeous in your avatar picture :P

    i would just like to say THANK YOU SOOOO VERY MUCH!
    ive been searching for this one clip of dbsk on google and i came across your site.
    once again, THANK YOU. you have no idea how happy i am right now. i was so happy that i had to tell my brother that i found it hahah.
    i know converting files can be a drag, so thank you so much for all of your hard work. i couldnt download the clip without saying thanks! so thanks! :D
    i am new here (obviously), but ill be sure to come back! thanks again! (:
    p.s. – i love how youre a perfectionist. im like that too. everything has to be in HQ and correct size and blah blah blah. maybe thats why it takes me forever to convert files lol…

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